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February 20, 2022 0 Comments

Searching for that next career move takes time and effort. It requires keeping your finger on the pulse of the job market, so the right opportunity doesn’t pass you by! AFAGroups understands the challenges that candidates face during the job search process, so trust us to guide you through the process.

Candidates have many benefits when partnering with AFAGroups for their job search:

  • AFAGroups works with Employers directly to supply candidates for their open positions. Our Account Managers follow up with the hiring managers and keep candidates up to date on the status of their application. They also manage the entire interview process and prepare candidates for interviews.
  • Our Recruiters work hard to understand your skills, needs, and career goals! This way they can contact you about additional positions you may be interested in.
  • Our Recruiters will proactively search new positions from our clients and contact you if you’re a potential fit for any of them.
  • Our recruiters will proactively search jobs for you to minimize time between contracts.
  • AFAGroups offers Career Guidance to help you navigate current job trends and market rates.
  • AFAGroups keeps track of your existing contract end date and will line up interviews for the next assignment (with your current employer or a new one) before your current contract ends to minimize time between contracts.
  • AFAGroups will negotiate Salary and Benefits on your behalf.
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